Sunday, January 24, 2010

Exciting News

I can now officially share with all of you that I am going to be a sister-in-law.

T. proposed to L. on Friday morning, and they made a public announcement at church this morning.  I've had the privilege of being with them to celebrate several times over the course of the weekend.  To make the occasion particularly meaningful, T. brought L's parents in from Ontario for the weekend, so that they were waiting for her with our parents when he brought her back to the house after proposing.

T. asked a mentor of his from the church, a friend of our family who has a great sense of humor if he'd like to help break the news to the congregation and our friend lept at the chance.

I managed to catch the whole thing on video this morning (tough to circumspectly have a camera ready when you're not supposed to know that anything will happen to interrupt the normal flow of the service!) The quality isn't great, but you can catch the important parts - especially how thrilled this congregation that has watched T. grow up and has delighted at having him on staff with Dad for the last few years were at the news.