Sunday, January 31, 2010

Daily 5 - Day 171

It's 3:52 am, and I'm laying here, wide awake, fighting panic, and feeling like my world is spinning just a little bit out of control as all of the changes coming in the next month and months seem huge and overwhelming.  In the middle of the night all of those things that I know for certain in the daylight flee, and it is oh so much harder to fight this battle.  And it's this moment that I realize I was so distracted last night by the panic and the hope I could simply sleep it off, that I forgot to write the daily 5 list.  It's these moments that I most need these lists, these middle of the night panic filled moments.  It's these moments, too, where it's hardest to make this list.

Today's Daily 5:
  1. Time with L. shopping for and sorting out wedding invitations.  Just need to nail down the details of when and where, and then we can do the last bit of designing, and begin the assembling and mailing.
  2. Laughing with Mom and L. as we looked through my parent's wedding pictures, and some family pictures.  It was fun to see her face she saw the hairdos of some people she's met in our family and some baby pictures of T. that she'd never seen before.
  3. Natural health treatment.  Hoping it really does help the healing process.
  4. Reminding myself that it really does seem that God has lead me to move into Grandmas.
  5. Thankful for rides to and from various places with my rather understanding family.