Saturday, December 19, 2009

Saturday List

If you'll indulge me for a few minutes, it's early, I'm needing to clear the fog in my head, I love lists, and I'm going to make my list for the day here, since the laptop is handy, and a pad of paper and a pen aren't at the moment.

Today I need (and/or want) to:
  • Go to Michaels. Return an item I bought earlier in the week that won't work for the Christmas gift I have in mind. Buy an item that will work.
  • Go to old bank. Close out accounts. Get a bank draft for these amounts. Make sure that I can still have access to online banking for credit card that is still at this bank.
  • Go to new bank. Deposit bank draft into new account. Hope and pray that the information I was given was accurate, and they will not put a hold on a bank draft, or I'm in big trouble. Deposit change rolls that have been collecting in my change jar (I think almost $20 now!). Deposit work reimbursement cheque. Withdraw cash for birthday gift for T. who turns 22 today. Book appointment for during time off to meet with someone about loan to reduce interest payments on debt - hopefully by half. Also to discuss a tax free savings account.
  • Go to office supply shop - check price of a small legal size filing box. Buy one if it isn't too expensive.
  • Go to Husky. Feed George. He could use the nourishment. He's been temperamental lately. (pray that he takes me to all these other places safely.)
  • Home again, home again, jiggetty jig.
  • Make peanut butter puffed wheat squares, and maybe another one of the sugar cookie recipes. If going to make one of the rolled out recipes, add a stop at mom's to borrow a rolling pin to the earlier list.
  • Make Christmas gift mentioned in item one.
  • Work on "Certificates" to be part of another Christmas gift.
  • Write several Christmas cards for mailing in the next few days.
  • Wrap birthday gift for mom (her birthday tomorrow) and write card.
  • Put $$ for T. in birthday card. write card.
  • Remember to rest and treat myself gently. Maybe do this by putting a clay mask on my face for a while.
  • Watch the newly purchased "Julie & Julia" dvd while working on some of these projects.
  • Clean bedroom. Especially do filing. This will be easier if filing box isn't too expensive.
  • Wade through accumulation of emails.
  • Do online banking, to ensure that newly deposited money is in right accounts and budget can be appropriately updated.
  • Update budget.
  • Show up here at least once more today to write a Daily 5 list.
  • Attend joint birthday party for Mom and T tonight.
Oh my. That list is longer than I thought it was. And it starts with me crawling out of bed and having some breakfast. Guess that's what I'm off to do! Have a great last Saturday before Christmas everyone!