Sunday, December 20, 2009

Fourth Advent: Love

Four Advent Candles have now been lit in the wreath that sits on my dresser. Only the Christ candle remains unlit, waiting for the coming of Immanuel.

The fourth candle is love.

Over the last four Sundays I've lit candles for hope, peace, joy, and now tonight, love.

The timing as usual is profound.

I've spent much of the day pondering again how much love requires. The giving up of rights. The surrendering. I didn't know that tonight's candle was love, that I would come home, and finish up the baking for the day, and light a candle symbolizing love. I just spent my day thinking about some of those things, because they were what was on my mind.

Funny how God does that.

So four candles burn on my dresser wreath, and I am waiting.

I am waiting for Christ, the true embodiment of love to come. For in his love are the hope and peace and joy that I've already lit candles, waiting in expectation for each of their fulfillment as well.

I am waiting, come, Lord Jesus, come.