Monday, December 21, 2009

Daily 5 - Day 131

Today's Daily 5
  1. Making it through a long list of tasks at work, some of which were time sensitive, while still managing to answer phones for a large chunk of the morning and manage the front desk.
  2. A small, very thoughtful Christmas gift from a friend received as we had lunch together today - an item I'd looked at a number of times, but never purchased.
  3. Hearing her say that she'd bought them because they made her think of me. That was deeply encouraging because my relationship with this friend has been uncertain, and I've often felt like she didn't know or understand me well, but this gift was a very thoughtful indication that she does "see" me at least a little, and that was encouraging to me today.
  4. One more baking task finished.
  5. A grocery trip where everything was in stock (went by myself to a different store than usual)
  6. finished making a small gift for another friend
  7. curled up in bed playing a game on my laptop
  8. emails that are completely caught up at the moment
  9. knowing that I'm getting very close to ten days or so in a row off of work
  10. the joy of making gifts and anticipating giving them