Monday, December 14, 2009

Daily 5 - Day 124

Today's Daily "5":
  1. Surviving a bit of a crazy and odd Monday.
  2. A new "last minute lasagna" recipe experiment for supper (uses ravioli stuffed with cheese instead of lasagna noodles) that was really tasty.
  3. Weather that warmed up a bit, making the train ride and walk home a lot less painful than the ride and walk this morning.
  4. Unexpectedly getting my least favorite household "chore" (grocery shopping) of the week out of the way tonight because I realized I needed to drive my car for a little while, just to warm it up in this cold.
  5. A grocery shopping trip that was really quick and smooth, and almost enjoyable.
  6. Knowing that grocery shopping unexpectedly tonight means that I have an entire, unscheduled free evening tomorrow night.
  7. Driving an old car that may have it's quirks, but starts like a charm in these ridiculous temperatures, without being plugged in at night.
  8. wrapping a simple birthday gift and card for a friend, as well as a Christmas card for her and her husband in preparation for mailing tomorrow.
  9. finding several more recipes that all look delicious and can be made with the same base sugar cookie dough.
  10. enjoying a few games on facebook for bits and pieces of the evening.