Saturday, November 07, 2009

The Titles Tell a Story...

It's clearly on record that I love Grey's Anatomy. I fell for it the first season it came out, and I've been watching ever since. Yes, it's a soap opera. I'm quite aware of that, thank you. But (and I know it sounds bizarre) I keep watching because God speaks to me quite regularly through the episodes, through the themes they explore, or especially through the voice over monologues that begin and end most episodes.

Lately, though the other things have still caught my attention, it's been the episode titles that have been telling a story. If you know me well, and know some of the things that have gone on in the last while, the titles of the last four episodes will likely make you chuckle. They tell a story about the journey I've been on as well.


I Saw What I Saw

Give Peace a Chance

Invest in Love

Yep, they tell a story... one that I can't share all the details too, but let me just say that the progression made me chuckle when I noticed it tonight. Because it's a pretty accurate description of the way I've been journeying too. And of the places my heart has been, is, or is aspiring to be.