Monday, November 23, 2009

Monday Morning

My day started with dreams of animals and attack. Not all that pleasant a way to enter a new week of work.

I'm feeling passionately opinionated about anything and everything today. Not that unusual, but this is one of those days where the words just might spill out of my mouth without much pause to consider the finer points audience reception.

It's going to be a crazy day and week at work. So I'm settling in, buckling down, and figuring out how to face it.

I do, at least, feel semi-restored for my afternoon of reading and cocooning yesterday. Thankful for the influx of at least a little bit of peace.

And the decision making I was going to do yesterday, so that it wasn't hanging over my head all week. Well, as I melted down and then cocooned and prayed, I realized that it wasn't going to work to force a decision, and I really don't have to know what I'm doing until the end of the week, so, I'm not going to see it as hanging over my head. I'm going to set it aside, except for in a few specific moments of prayer, and wait and see what comes.

It's Monday morning... on into the week!