Monday, October 19, 2009

What Room are You Most at Home In?

One more fun quiz, before I get home from vacation, and return to "normal" life.

This one is also very true of me. I do spend quite a bit of time in my bedroom. It's my refuge, and I try to maintain a relatively tidy state in it, to protect my own peace of mind. It's where I escape to think and write and pray when the weather makes it impossible for me to get out to the zoo or my favorite parks.

You Are Most at Home in the Bedroom

You're the type of person who finds sanctuary in your home. Your home is your private space.

While you may be a social person outside the home, it's very rare that you invite people into your home.

There's nothing like spending time alone in your bedroom - relaxing and reflecting about your day.

You truly treasure your time by yourself. You need to be able to recharge every so often in order to thrive.


shallowfrozenwater said...

it said i'm most at home in the kitchen and that is just patently WRONG. give me the rec room or the living room any day of the week!