Thursday, October 22, 2009

Not Really Looking Up

I'm supposed to be learning lessons about resting this week. (More thoughts about that some other time.) My facebook status this morning said something to the effect of "Lisa is going to give the resting thing another try today." It's not going particularly well.

The work challenges I mentioned this morning have gotten larger.

We discovered an error in a major document printing (on our part instead of the printing company, making us responsible) this afternoon. So, I spent an hour meeting with the lady responsible for the document, and my boss, to come up with a solution that costs the least and was approved. The solution means I'll be spending a large chunk of tomorrow morning standing in front of a photocopier at Staples.

It's been a day of a thousand little things. I've been in meetings, and solving problems quite unexpectedly for the entire day. And tomorrow isn't looking better. But at least tomorrow I get to wear jeans to do it. Problems are so much more manageable in jeans.

I am, however, thankfully peaceful in the midst of the crazyness today. Or at least relatively calm. That perhaps, is a small step towards being at rest?

I read this article last night on the effects of insomnia on memory. As someone who's had chronic trouble sleeping for the last 15 years, but has seen it become an increasing challenge in the last two years, I had to laugh. Most days I cope relatively well, but in the last two years I've definitely noticed a decline in my ability to recall details and things I used to be able to remember. I write everything down these days, because if I don't I forget important things. As I said, most days I manage quite well. Today has not been one of those days. I just feel cloudy. The funniest part is, I slept relatively well (for me anyway) last night!

So, I'm going to simply choose to be glad that this insane day is nearly over. And I'm going to enjoy that tonight I'm working at a Steve Bell concert, and will get to enjoy lovely stories and music. That, at least, should be restful and worshipful.