Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Daily 5 - Days 59 - 68

As promised, I am updating the daily 5 lists that I kept in my journal while I was away. I think there was one day that I missed. I'm hoping to write some about the trip, and maybe even upload a few pictures in the next little while, but as I mentioned this morning, this week is incredibly busy and I'm not certain quite when I'll carve out the time to do that.

October 9 - Day 59
  1. A flight without the illness and panic that has accompanied so much of my travel the last two years
  2. Hugs from A.
  3. Finally on vacation
  4. Working on memory verses (if not making much progress) on the flight
  5. Plans coming together for a great holiday
October 10 - Day 60
  1. Standing on the highest observation deck in the world at the CN Tower
  2. A quick early morning walk to the library with A.
  3. The name of the subway station we'll be using all week being St. Clare West
  4. Sleeping (sort of well) last night
  5. Laughter and hugs from friends
October 11 - Day 61
  1. Buying a cute sweater at Kensington Market
  2. Visiting Casa Loma
  3. Random adventure in eating Peruvian food for dinner
  4. So much laughter with friends
  5. Being calm and peaceful and joyful in the midst of a slightly trying adventure in being locked out of the apartment
October 12 - Day 62
  1. A hug from S.
  2. A beautiful day celebrating Thanksgiving with friends
  3. Learning a bit of Spanish from Alex
  4. Laughing and being with people I love
  5. Fall colors everywhere as we drove.
October 13 - Day 63
  1. Seeing the Dead Sea Scrolls on display at the Royal Ontario Museum
  2. The Ten Commandments scroll being on display the one week we were in Toronto
  3. Dinner and a long chat with A. while L. was at dinner with a friend from New Zealand
  4. A simple supper (and late night snack!) of chicken cesar salad
  5. Being with friends like A. where pretending and being guarded isn't necessary
October 14 - Day 64
  1. Prayer time together with A. and B.
  2. The lavender shop in the Distillery district - it smelled so lovely... and buying sachets to bring home.
  3. Sharing meals together with friends
  4. Walking through some older neighborhoods - Cabbagetown, the Danforth (Greek Town), and the U of T Campus
  5. The blessing of good weather, if a bit cool, all week
October 15 - Day 65
  1. Ice wine tasting at Jackson Triggs Winery
  2. riding the Maid of the Mist
  3. Driving through beautiful terrain to get to Niagara
  4. No major hitches with the rental car service
  5. customer service at the hotel being flexible
October 17 - Day 66
  1. Seeing Lake Huron with S. and L.
  2. Vietnamese leftovers for dinner
  3. A long day of driving with friends and beautiful scenery
  4. The fun of having a much anticipated giving of a gift be well received
  5. laughing with friends
October 18 - Day 67
  1. "Fresh Wind"
  2. Being at Stratford all day
  3. Praying with S.
  4. Crowns, swans, slides, leaves, laughter
  5. twirling by the river
October 19 - Day 68
  1. A goodbye hug (though tearful on my part) from S.
  2. A funny conversational partner on the plane home
  3. managing to sleep a bit on the plane
  4. Shopping at the bookstore in Mississauga and getting recommendations from the man who works there
  5. Home, to sleep in my own bed