Thursday, October 01, 2009

Daily 5 - Day 51

I'm still feeling quite unwell. Probably just the cumulative effect of a very hard week, along with a lot of restless and even sleepless nights.

So, I'm going to list today's daily 5 for you, and head for a nice early bedtime.

  1. Wearing new clothes to work today, and feeling like I looked pretty even though healthwise I was feeling lousy (even if I was so cold most of the day that my jacket was over top of them, and they mostly didn't get seen!)
  2. Kim Walker's song "Can I have more of you?" playing over and over in my head as a refrain
  3. A hug from my mom
  4. A quiet evening at home alone, catching up on some emails, reading, researching for our trip, and resting
  5. Learning that even in the midst of a lousy week, joy can be present and resilient. Finding it in a moment of humility and apology (though somewhat unnecessary) directed at me from a family member. And a hug. And securing a ride to the airport next week, and the promise of good things to come. And in managing to eat and keep down three meals and vitamins, despite the health challenges.