Sunday, September 20, 2009

New Life...

It's raining today, and my first instinct was to groan. I'll be doing some highway driving, never my favorite thing today, and the thought of doing it in the rain felt just a bit daunting.

And then I remembered that it is a new day. A new week, and that we are on the last day of the celebration of Rosh Hashanah, and a new year.

And that all summer I've been loving the rain. Feeling joy and hope in it. Seeing in it new life. The promise of the spring that would finally break the seemingly unending winter I've seemed to be living in.

So, in a day that seemed bleak, and a day that is full of uncertainties, I am choosing to find hope in the rain. To find joy and peace and rest in it.

I received news this morning that is granting much hope and strength. Some long time friends (I've known them since we were all in Young Life together in high school) celebrated 9 years together earlier this week (6 dating, 3 married), and this morning, my friend brought their first child, a little girl into the world. Her name is Annabella Fleur, and the birth of this precious much anticipated little flower is a miracle of new life that I needed to hear about today.

So, I'm going to celebrate new life today, and remind myself of that as I see what the rest of the day will hold.