Sunday, September 20, 2009

Daily 5 - Day 40

I always like it when I hit the 40 day milestone in something. Such an important number in scripture, and I've also read that it takes 40 days for a habit to be built.

For forty days now I've been making a concerted effort to choose life and joy. Some days have definitely been harder than others. When I woke this morning, it seemed that it was going to be a harder day, I didn't know what it might hold. But it was lovely, and here I am, showing up for the 40th time to celebrate life. And joy has begun to bubble within me, and it is oh so welcome here.

Today's daily 5:
  1. the birth of a baby daughter to some friends I've know for years
  2. hugs from friends I get to see rarely
  3. moments of victory, big and small, and being reminded that there is more strength within me than I know, thanks to Jesus
  4. a beautiful fall drive, filled with confirmations of purpose and life
  5. "I Surrender" by Kim Walker - a song I'd never heard before, playing at just the right moment for my heart.


Anonymous said...

So happy to read "lovely" was the word of the day! Was praying for you as I was working on art pieces and look forward to an update on the day when you have time to send me one :-)

Oh, and I totally forgot and had intended to split my blog update into 2 - then "unsplit" it - and so fixed the number after your email. LOL

And now I can't remember if I emailed or commented and told you, but Aya got her visa! Yeah God! I updated the blog but I think you were the only one who had read it at the point I found out, so can't remember if I really told you or just told you in my head! Hee hee!