Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Nearly Done

I'm thankful that this has been a bit of a lower key day at the office.

I slept very poorly last night, and had a night full of vague, odd, or just generally disturbing dreams. The night left me feeling foggy for most of the day.

I've actually accomplished a number of important tasks on my list, but I'm thankful that none of them were urgent or needed to be attacked in a rushed sort of manner. My brain just doesn't have the capacity for rushed today.

I'm having coffee tonight with a long-time dear friend. The friend who was with me the night I was healed. There are changes coming in his life, and we've hardly seen each other all summer, so I'm looking forward to collecting a hug, and spending some time catching up.

And with that, I have one or two things left to do for the day, and then I'm heading out to do an errand or two before going home for dinner and out again to meet my friend for coffee.