Saturday, September 12, 2009

Daily 5 - Day 32

This was a very full day. And one that I'm finding hard to put to words, even inside myself right now. Full of truths and laughs and realizations about family and place and belonging. And all of those things are leaving me struggling for words, and very near tears, the slightly overwhelmed, slightly joyful, slightly sad, slightly exhausted sorts of tears that at times sit just below the surface. But it is a day with moments of joy that must be captured, so I'm here, choosing to see and revel in them for a moment or two, and write down the daily 5 for the day.

  1. The farmer's market with Mom's cousin M., and L.
  2. Hearing stories about my grandma (who I hardly knew, since she passed away when I was quite young) over lunch
  3. Leftovers for supper at mom and dad's house after church,
  4. an encouraging email from a dear friend
  5. dulce de leche banana cream pie