Monday, September 14, 2009

Catching My Thoughts

A few articles that caught my attention today:

These articles, here, here, and here, about the stabbing in the park that we sort of came upon yesterday. Or saw the fresh blood spatters on the path from, anyway.

This article about a local by-election that I have to vote in tonight.

And this article about a review of nuns and non-cloistered religious orders in the United States. This one I'll be particularly interested in seeing the results of, since one of my aunts is a nun who doesn't wear a habit, doesn't live in a convent, and worked a secular job for many years, either teaching in an inner city setting or using her masters of counseling and working in a methadone clinic. She currently works for her order, providing spiritual and pastoral care to the other nuns in the region that she's responsible for.