Wednesday, September 09, 2009


I had a very large project that must be out of the office before closing on Friday dropped on my desk at 4:10 yesterday afternoon. It's adding some complications to my day.

I'm continuing to train our new receptionist, and that, thankfully is continuing to go well. If you could have worked with the particularly challenging coworker who left us a while back, causing the chain of events that led to my job promotion and the ultimate need for a reception replacement, you'd appreciate how truly ecstatic my department is to have hired someone who seems like she will be a good fit for our team.

Tonight is grocery shopping night at the soul-sucking mega store. It's been two weeks, since we haven't been around much to cook together, but L. and I looked at each other last night and realized that if we didn't shop, there would be nothing in our house left to eat after today. So, we'll eat a frozen (well, when we eat it it won't be frozen anymore!) pizza for dinner, and do our menu plan for the next week or so. And then we'll head out. This will also include dropping off our recycling since the depot we use is in the parking lot of the grocery store. All in all, not terribly bad... it means that I'll have food to eat for breakfast tomorrow, and that, I think, is a good thing.

I remain, however, exhausted, and a trip to the grocery store is less than an exciting prospect in my world. Necessary, but not exciting. So we'll get it done as quickly as possible, sticking closely to our list, and then I'll likely have a quiet evening and early bedtime.

Oh yeah, and, it's 09/09/09 today. I like dates like that. They amuse me. This one also makes me think of a dear friend who has a fondness for the number nine. Just thought I'd mention that too :)


Anonymous said...

One of my Gpa's friends from when he was on the elder board at church had his birthday today. And, since it was, as you mentioned, 09/09/09, his wife decided they'd just have a party for fun.

My dad has his birthday next year on 10/10/10 and Gma's already trying to plan a party for her beloved son-in-law. If only dad wouldn't absolutely hate that. Gma doesn't get it - she LOVES to be the center of attention and the reason for a party - and the rest of us (my mom, her daughter, probably more than all the rest) hate it. In fact, I won't even go out for birthday dinner without the pre-existing agreement that there will be NO birthday singing/announcement at the restaurant. Ha ha.

Hope 09/09/09 in your CA was great - I was buying fabric - which always makes for a great day :-)

Lisa said...

yep... I would have the same sort of requirements for a birthday dinner :)

what were you buying fabric for? sounds like it was more fun than hanging out at the office, which is how I spent the day... though I have to say that for a work day it was pretty decent :)

Anonymous said...

I'm working on new art pieces for Christmas at the church mom is on staff helping her buy (most of) the rest of what she needs for the year.

It was great fun and I'm sure more fun than hanging out at the office! And a huge improvement over my 9/9/01. But that'll be on the blog in a few days!

Lisa said...

ooo... a blog teaser... looking forward to it...

will have to come visit you, do the disneyland thing, and see some of these art pieces in person sometime...