Saturday, August 08, 2009

Plans changing...

My plans for this evening have changed several times over the course of this week.

And now, now I'm feeling a bit at loose ends, trying to decide what to do with myself, and with the time I have in front of me.

What I want is to be in the mountains. But, it's not practical to make the drive this evening when I'll have to remake it again in the morning. And, since (even though I have great new travel bags!) I really can't afford to book a room overnight tonight, the mountains seem to be out as an option.


I'm considering what to do in the city.

The zoo is closed for the day, and so is Heritage Park.

I'm thinking I might just grab the camera, fill my car with gas, and see where I end up.

And maybe, maybe I'll take in a solo movie later. hard to say.