Thursday, August 27, 2009

Odd sort of day

It's been an odd sort of day if the first time it hits me that I haven't stopped in at the blog to say something, anything really, is after noon.

Obviously today is that sort of day.

I was awake early. Too early. So early, in fact, that when I commented on a friend's facebook status, another friend replied with, "Lisa, why are you awake this early?"

The answer?

Explosive dreams.

Literally. Demolition. Fleeing for lives. And it's recurring and building on itself for a couple of days now. The last time a dream did that, it wreaked some serious havoc in my life. Some of the things that came from that one are still big giant question marks, while others still carry a sting.

It would be nice to understand these things I experience in the night. (Four days in a row again, not that I'm counting or anything...) But, these days I'm getting more and more used to the fact that this is my reality, that the nights for me are lively. That sometimes God speaks, and sometimes I encounter other things that are far less than "of God", and sometimes my brain is just so overloaded that it uses the night to process the events of the last days and weeks, but in some sort of bizarre way that I don't quite understand.

I was reflecting the other day, that if I ever do get married (something I'm in absolutely no hurry to have happen, if ever) it would be handy if my husband had the gift of dream interpretation. He'll also need to sleep like a dead person to weather my inability to sleep, but hey, dream interpretation and a supernatural gift of sleep - I'm not looking for much!

On the other hand, I was also asked yesterday, quite seriously by someone, if I'd ever considered becoming a nun. The answer to that question is also yes.

I spent the morning at the office doing all sorts of little tasks, and running out to do some errands - to deal with an errant cell phone, and to solve the crisis of coffee with no available cream or milk. (Does it seem funny to you that this is a crisis? It's funny to me. Perhaps because I don't drink coffee.)

I have probably a dozen more little tasks to tackle over the course of the afternoon.

I'm relishing the presence of a friend and coworker in the office right now. She's been away quite a bit lately, using up some vacation time, and the office is so much more bearable when she's there to share those moments of laughter AND those moments when you really must vent to someone or risk having your head explode.

Tonight is grocery shopping night at the soul-sucking mega store. But, I don't have to cook dinner before we shop. My roommate worked the early shift today, and will be home before I am (something that almost never happens) and will be doing the cooking. I think she's making some sort of thai beef red curry dish. I'm not a huge fan of curries, but I agreed to try this one. And, I really do need a grocery store trip - I'm nearly out of peanut m&m's, nearly out of toothpaste, and nearly out of the granola bars that seem to comprise my breakfast most of the time just currently.

And, with that, I'm off... time to get back to the list. Only a day and a half left until the weekend. For that I'm also incredibly thankful.