Friday, August 14, 2009

Daily 5 - Day 3

Today was officially nuts.

For the first time I've brought work home with me. Nothing too major, but a process and procedure that definitely needs to be rewritten before I have to rely on it on Monday morning.

I followed work up with a work related errand (and another one to come tomorrow), a stop at a bookstore (yep, came away with purchases, what else is new!), a quick grocery trip, and then an evening at my parent's house, letting my mom feed and love on me, and watching a movie together.

But, there were some great moments, so, without further ado, and before I head off to journal and hopefully sleep, here's today's daily 5:

Chariots of FireImage via Wikipedia

  1. Listening to the same song (Jesus Lover of My Soul: It's all About You) on repeat for my entire commute this morning, and letting it resonate in my heart.
  2. Watching "Chariots of Fire" with mom (and dad at times) and being challenged again by the depth conviction of Eric Liddell, and moved by the music (and remembering the first synchro duet my partner and I ever choreographed and self-coached, performed to music from "Chariots of Fire")
  3. A few blackberries snitched from the fresh ones mom bought at the farmer's market today, and mom being willing to make popcorn (a favorite snack of our family, consumed in enormous quantities) at my request, because it had been quite some time since I'd had good homemade salted and buttered popcorn.
  4. Wearing jeans to work.
  5. Waking up this morning and feeling like sleep had brought a bit of rest.
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shallowfrozenwater said...

"God also made me fast, and when i run, i feel his pleasure". i still get goosebumpy with the thought. to use what you're gifted in to feel God's pleasure, that's a beautiful thing.