Friday, August 28, 2009

Daily 5 - Day 17

Today's Daily 5:
  1. Wearing jeans at work
  2. Finally hanging art on the walls of our house - my roommate and I made a concerted effort, loaded the items for the thrift store into George's trunk to be dropped off tomorrow, and then hung all of our artwork. Our kitchen and living room look so much more settled now. I think we officially are done with the settling in!
  3. A beautiful email from my friend A.
  4. Cooking one of mom's recipes for dinner, and having it actually turn out. Also, getting to sit down and share a meal with my roommate and one of her friends.
  5. A long walk in the park near our home this evening.


Anonymous said...

Sounds lovely!

I went and saw Julia and Julia tonight and had dinner with a friend. Those, and the wonderful new (yes, another one!) Mark Schultz song that I played over and over and over were high on my (mental) smile list!

I totally understand about the getting things hung thing. My parents laughed that when I first moved out and then when I bought my place, that I wouldn't sleep the first night until every book that goes in the eight or so floor to ceiling bookshelves was in place and every photo or art piece (that didn't require shelves to be hung) was up. LOL. It was a being settled and 'home' thing!

Hugs from the other CA!

Lisa said...

Loved Julie & Julia :) and yep, books are always one of the first things I unpack:)

hugs back!