Monday, August 24, 2009

Daily 5 - Day 13

I'm too tired to write much of an introduction. Today was a somehow very "normal" (not that there really is a status quo for me) day. There aren't many things from the day that stand out strongly. But maybe that's the point. To find joy in the everyday moments and little things? It's definitely harder to make the list on the "normal" days. But, I'm working at it anyway.

So, here's today's "daily 5":
  1. Getting a chance to tell the husband of a friend how much I appreciated him. With the vast majority of my married friends, our relationship and conversation is quite different depending on whether or not their husband is present. With A. & B. , we would have exactly the same conversation whether or not he was with us. Both of them have made the effort to genuinely include the people who are part of their spouses' life, and both of them communicate with their words and actions that they genuinely care about you, and they brought these characteristics to their marriage. In any case, I felt privileged to have the chance to express to B. how much I'd appreciated that he has always made me feel valued.
  2. a decent day at work, without too many stresses
  3. great leftover pasta from last-night for both lunch and supper today
  4. collecting a few hugs from A.
  5. getting a compliment on my writing from a few unexpected directions.