Thursday, July 23, 2009

A Mixture of Things...

I'm thinking a lot about this verse today. It's the putting it into practice bit that can be so challenging at times.

Yesterday was the feast day for Saint Mary Magdalene. I feel a certain affinity for this woman who was delivered from much. Who knew deeply what the redemption offered by Jesus. I don't really mind whether or not it was her that annointed the feet of Jesus. The very fact that he had cast seven demons from her tells me that she knows what it is to experience the gift of freedom. And I love that, of all the people, important and simple, to whom he could have first appeared after his resurrection, it was this woman that he chose.

The First Nations have chosen a new national chief, and I am praying for him as he seeks to lead.

This article was curious and caught my attention.

I survived the driving lesson, and now need to book my advanced road test. At $130.00 a pop, I'm really hoping to pass this thing on the first go-round. Especially since the license renewal fee will be above and beyond that $130.

Because I work in the same building as a major charity, that my company is also partnered with, we occasionally get unique visitors. Today we had a group of Mennonite pastors from Asia - Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia and North Vietnam, who are touring Mennonite institutions stop by the office for a few minutes. I'm always thankful for the reminders of the world that working in this building brings.

And with that, I'm back to the things that need my attention. This remains one of the weeks wherein I am helplessly busy all day every day, and yet feel like I've accomplished very little. Ah well. I guess they just go that way sometimes.