Wednesday, July 29, 2009

In my purse...

I'm feeling decidely uninspired just at this moment for topics to write about.

So, I'm going to tell you about what kinds of things are residing in my purse these days, just because the list is a bit more unique than usual:
  • a stash of vitamins, generally covering whatever meals I'm away from home in a given day
  • a nail file that was a promotional gift from the company that installed our office filing system (a file from the filing company! cute or lame, depending on your perspective!)
  • a temporary drivers' license - basically a slip of paper that says I can legally drive, while I wait for the new card to come in the mail
  • my passport, which makes me nervous to carry around. But, since I am sans a permanent drivers' licence just presently, I'm needing some form of photo ID, so, my passport is living in my purse.
  • a daytimer and variety of other papers
  • my ipod (and the cable that attaches it to a computer)
  • headphones (in case I get the urge to go for a walk in the park after work)
  • a paystub
  • a checkbook
  • a rosary that I purchased at the Vatican
  • several pens
  • and my prescription sunglasses

This is by no means an exhaustive list, but I can safely bet that almost no one else I know will have this combination of items residing in their purses right now!