Sunday, July 12, 2009

Because you are

I'm tired, slightly sunburnt, have a huge bruise and lump on my right leg from building a bookcase yesterday, and am feeling like I don't have very much to say at the moment.

There is still so much going on in my heart, but I'm having a bit of a hard time putting words to it these days.

I went to the zoo with a friend this morning. That was fun.

Then I mostly rested for the remainder of the day, and I'm headed to bed very shortly.

I'm thinking a lot about this song lately. "Is there something wrong with my heart that I can't see?... I'll praise you, if I never feel you, and I'll love you, cause I know you're there. And if you should choose I'm sure one day I'll feel it. But feeling good's never the reason I cared. Father I praise you because you are. Jesus I love you because you are. Spirit, I worship you because you are...."

The lyrics of the song are beautiful.

I'm particularly identifying with this line right now, "No lack of desire in this desert to worship. I keep singing skyward, it just never rains."

(Have I mentioned recently that I'm grateful for all of the rain we've been having in the last few weeks, even if I'm not feeling that same rain and refreshing within my soul? The tangible reminder of it in the physical realm is giving me hope.)

I worship you because you are.


Anonymous said...

So funny - I almost sent you the lyrics to that song like a year ago before we were really in contact regularly about stuff.

I love Everybody Duck and they used to lead worship at some things I'd go to periodically.

I also love another one...actually I should blog about...that I think you'd love. Remind me in a day or two if I forget! It's another great one!

And I wish you could go to the church I was at this morning when my friend leads worship - truly an amazingly gifted worship leader, and she often does that ED song :-)

When I saw this post title I started singing Because You Are before I was even on the blog page and wondered if you were thinking of that song! Yeah! I love it!

Lisa said...

I'm laughing because of course you would know Everybody Duck and that song... (so very few people I've met have ever heard of them)

You'll either be getting an email, or I'll be putting up a blog post (haven't decided yet!) with a few more thoughts pertaining to that song :)

and perhaps I'll just have to come visit sometime and check out that church with you ;)