Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Tuesday Evening

I think I only slept about three hours last night. And I dreamt a lot in those three hours.

After work tonight, I ran errands. Picking up a book. A Father's Day gift and a birthday gift for my dad. Some quiet browsing in Ikea, looking for a new bed frame. (I've sold my current bed frame, and will be purchasing something new after we move.)

When I finally got home, I popped dinner in the oven, and headed for the shower, upon completion of which, I decided it was time to be wearing pajamas. The comfy new pajamas I bought recently.

I'm planning to be in bed early tonight. Hopefully with the plan to sleep many more hours and much more restfully than last night.

In the meantime, a little bit of M*A*S*H*, and a little bit of reading, and a little bit of writing.