Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Plan

Have you all figured out yet that I'm a much happier individual when there is some semblance of planning and order in my life? It can be a totally flexible plan, and can change completely upon arrival at the time for execution of the plan, but I'm a less stressed, happier person if there is some sort of plan in place as a starting point.

That said, I have a plan for the evening.

I will drive from work to the library branch where they are holding a copy of a DVD that I requested.

(I may stop at my parent's house, depending on a returned phone call, to pick up any mail that may be waiting for me there.)

From the library I will go home, pre-heat the oven, and toss in some comfort food. (In my case, tonight that likely means chicken fingers and french fries.)

While said comfort food is cooking, I will likely take a long, hot shower, and then put on my comfy pajamas.

Theoretically neither of my roommates, nor the fiancee tag-a-long who is a near constant presence in our home these days, will actually be at home for the greater portion of the evening.

Thus, following my shower, I will settle in the living room with my laptop, and my plate of comfort food, wrap my pajama clad self in a blanket, and put the dvd I will have picked up from the library in the dvd player. I will then spend a few happy hours watching Monty Python and the Holy Grail, while surfing the internet, or playing a computer game. This will be followed by some reading, and a hopefully early bedtime.

Of course, these plans are entirely flexible and subject to change depending on a wide variety of circumstances, and my own mood, but just at this moment, I can't think of anything I'd enjoy quite so much as an evening of British humor (quirky, and oddly intelligent and appealing to the history/poly sci major that lurks within me) while curled up on a couch in my pajams. Except possibly conversations with one of a very few people. Those would definitely be better than Monty Python!