Saturday, June 20, 2009

Ongoing themes...

The same things have been popping up over and over again in my life the last few weeks. Variations on only a very few themes. In the places in my heart that the books I've been reading and listening to touch. In the conversations I've had. In the things that have caused my heart to ache, or the moments when I've felt profoundly out of place.

I'll be sitting later this morning with a journal, working through just a few of the most recent of those variations on the themes.

It always surprises me to find life deeply, fully, weirdly interconnected. To find how few themes seem to underlay the many moments that make up my days.

And so, I'll work through more of those moments in writing later, and share them with a few dear friends to garner other thoughts and prayers and aid the process of processing. To gather sight from outside my field of vision.

But, just in this moment, I need to change from my pajamas, do something about my hair and get ready to head out the door. My roommate and I are going to try a new crepe restaurant. We've been meaning to try it for months as a celebration of sorts. The moment we were celebrating came and went nearly a month and a half ago, but is still an excellent excuse to have an indulgent breakfast, followed by a bit of shopping.


Anonymous said...

Enjoy the celebration!

And kudos!


Lisa said...

Thanks! It was pretty fantastically good food...