Friday, June 19, 2009


The bed is disassembled.

The mattress is back in my bedroom, and there is bedding back on it so I have a place to sleep tonight.

I have an invitation to join some very good friends for the evening. I'm waiting to see if my roommate wants to take along.

I'd like to see them I think. The one friend I've been trying to connect with for weeks now, and it would be great to see him. And time hanging with him and his roommates and whoever else has showed up is always full of laughter and fun. And, since the rest of my plans for the weekend have basically fallen through, it sounds like it wouldn't be such a bad thing to join them for a few hours, even if it does mean driving across the city.

And then, then I think I'll spend at least part of tomorrow putting books in boxes. And wrapping breakable items in newspaper and putting them in boxes as well.