Wednesday, June 10, 2009


I have some thoughts in process... my drive in to work this morning was full. Sometimes I wish you could all spend a day in my head, and see the way the thoughts carry me around, see the different connections. Sometimes the connections and directions surprise even me.

There are many places I could go this morning, but I think I want to write them out somewhere other than a public space first.

I'm thinking about imperfection. About friends traveling. About transition. About discerning character.

I'm thinking about the shallower things too. Like the fact that the skirt I wore today may perhaps be a bit higher waisted than I thought, and could cause some discomfort through the day thanks to my piercing adventures on the weekend. And the fact that I dress differently for work when I'm meeting outside clients or sales reps. And the fact that I'm really bored with this "eating 3 meals a day" concept, but am sticking to it anyway. And the fact that my house is going to be invaded by the "attack of the bridesmaids who need dresses altered" again tonight, which means it'll be loud and obnoxious (and our internet still isn't working properly, preventing me from hiding in my bedroom.) And the fact that it's Wednesday, which means this could be a total gong show of a day.

More later!!