Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Is it really only Tuesday?

This is the question I find myself asking nearly constantly, "Is it really only Tuesday?" The last two days in some ways feel like they've encompassed an entire week.

Both yesterday and today at work have been filled with the little snafus that add up to frustration. I have a very long list of things that need to be accomplished, and the vast majority of them are on hold, dependent on responses from other people, or work from other people. I've also run out of things to give to the morning receptionist to occupy her time as well (again, because I'm waiting for some things to come back to me.)

I'm still loving my job, but every so often you have those days that just seem to drag, and seem to be riddled with minor frustrations that add up to major headaches.

I'm looking forward to an evening at home tonight (and planning to enjoy the fact that my roommates, the fiancee who's a constant presence in our house, and the current houseguest will all be out for a while, and I'll get to enjoy the quiet.)

I've had a heat pack on my neck off and on all day, attempting to alleviate the muscle knots that seems to have developed from unwittingly tensing the muscles in my neck and back while I sleep to prevent rolling onto my stomach and causing pain at the site of my new navel piercing. The knots are in a spot that's a continual problem, and I could badly use a massage.

I did however, incite laughter at the office today when I commented that I could use a massage quite badly, but wouldn't be able to lay on my stomach long enough to get one! It would seem that there's not a whole lot of sympathy for my predicament! (Of course, if it was me on the other end, I wouldn't be offering sympathy either, and I'm actually finding the whole situation personally amusing as well!)

In any case, I'm looking forward to spending an evening reading, and maybe doing a bit of cleaning. To catching up on some emails, and hopefully heading for bed nice and early. And to the nice dinner of kabobs, salad, and bread that we've got planned. Light, and so easy to prepare!

(But I'm still wondering, "Is it really only Tuesday?")