Monday, June 01, 2009

Monday Morning

It's chilly outside today. The wind blew viciously all night, and it's cool and not supposed to get very warm at all today. Which means the skirt I unthinkingly put on this morning was probably a bad idea.

It's a new month, too.

And it'll be a busy one.

I spent hours yesterday, with dvds playing in the background, staring at the pages of my journal, and writing. Trying to process a week that included crazy dreams, unexpected meetings, roommate tensions, family stuff, and a number of milestones or rather emotional moments with God.

It perhaps helped a little.

Timing to me is always a funny monster. This morning I received an emailed prayer request from a family I have minimal contact with, but a family that appeared in a dream I had last week. The prayer request had nothing to do with the dream, but the timing of it made me pause.

And I smiled, just a little, when I came into work this morning and flipped the calendar over to the quote for the day. Not so much because of the quote, but because it was a quote from Clare of Assisi, whose life has also deeply impacted me in this crazy last year and a half. (The quote read, "Transform your whole being into the image of the Godhead itself through contemplation.")

There are so many things that must be done this week, and high on my priority list is arranging a place to live, and settling a moving date. I will be far less stressed and far more equipped to handle the coming month if those two things can be removed from my plate.

And, I've made fun plans for Saturday. I think I'll wait to share. But I'm going to indulge something I've been quietly thinking about for quite some time. Something I've thought about so quietly that both of my roommates commented that it seemed quick, and wondered if it was a thought through plan, or an impulse decision. Something that makes me smile at the ridiculous nature of it. And I've found a friend to come along and take photos!