Sunday, June 07, 2009

In and Out

I spend a lot of time these days (especially on weekends) thinking about the value of Sabbath and rest. My body lets me know these days when it's time to come to a pause, and if I'm wise, I listen to it.

I stayed in bed a bit late this morning, then slowly got myself moving.

I did errands for a while. Mostly picking up some things for the office. And a stop at the natural food market - to buy vitamins again.

Then home, a bit of cleaning, lunch, and my body let me know that we were finished again. A nap was definitely in order.

Lots of time to think. I'm thinking particularly about family today. It's funny, because I don't really think about it when they're here, but with my parents overseas, I've missed them. The few short phone calls a week with mom. The quick stops at their house to pick up the mail or borrow/return this or that. The hugs that come with all those quick stops. Other familial things, holiday related mostly, have come up too, touching raw spots and causing my heart to cry out again for healing.

It's been an in and out sort of day. In and out of bed. In and out of the house. In and out of various moods.

And, I'm learning that a navel piercing is a different sort of animal, healing wise, than a facial piercing. A facial piercing is basically undisturbed. You don't really move your face around, so once you get past the initial stinging of the piercing, you can basically forget it's there as it heals. I'm surprised at how many of the basic movements of life tweak a navel piercing. Bending just so, twisting, getting in and out of the car. Basically if you move, you can feel it just a bit! Which, I suppose, is not such a bad thing if you've gotten a piercing to remind you you're alive...