Monday, June 15, 2009

Evening Again

I survived the soul-sucking grocery store. And bought a new pair of pajama pants in the process.

I've caught up on some necessary emails.

I've researched the possibility of taking a yoga class for eight weeks over the summer. (Not sure yet on that one.)

I've showered.

I've realized that I will most definitely need to take time this week to go to the park by myself and pray, and quite like to go shopping or browsing somewhere by myself and just let myself be without all of the heavier stuff on my mind. To give myself a bit of space.

I've been to the bank, and paid a bill or two online.

And now? now I think I'm going to put on those comfy new pjs, and head for bed.

I'm still having problems with my neck and shoulders, and those problems are still causing headaches.

I think I'll read for a little while, maybe journal just a little, and then sleep. At least sleep is the hope and the prayer.

Good night.