Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Always Forward!

My roommate's plans changed last night, and she didn't come home until later, and after a while of attacking the disaster zone of our house by myself, I needed to escape the chaos for a while.

I've discovered that having the internet at my easy disposal helps with the sense of feeling trapped. Not having it in the house right now is something I know I shouldn't complain about, but also something that I'm finding to be quite challenging.

I needed a break from our house, from the mess of moving, and from feeling confined and lonely.

So I went to the library, and spent about an hour doing some things online. Catching up on a few emails and blogs and so forth.

Then I took myself out for dinner (Wendy's - high class, I know!) before heading home. By that point my roommate was home, had made slightly more progress in the kitchen disaster zone, and we chatted through a few further needs and options before we both headed for bed.

Because tomorrow is a holiday (Canada Day, for those of you who don't live in the Northern climes I call home), my office is closing early this afternoon. My plan is to head home, do some laundry, and a bit more cleaning and organizing, and then, tonight, my roommate and I are headed out to buy some groceries, and pay a visit to the dollar store, and to Ikea, searching for some items that we need to help us restore order to the chaos we're currently living in.

For the moment, I'm enjoying the fact that I'm sitting in my office, which has absolutely no boxes or bags to unpack, no chaos whatsoever, and sipping tea. I'm off to dive into the "fascinating" world of checking some data entry work, and I'm contemplating the following quote, which appeared today on the calendar that a friend gave me, that sits on my desk:

"Always forward!" (Saint Maria Chaira's life motto and dying words)

A good motto in the midst of the craziness that has marked my life these last few weeks, and, indeed, for much of the last two years.