Friday, May 08, 2009

Receiving Love

I've been listening to this song on repeat in the mornings as I drive to work this week.

And I've been thinking a lot about the ability to give and receive love.

This morning two thoughts occurred to me that I will need to ponder more deeply, and that I'd love to hear your thoughts on.

For me personally, it's far easier to give love than to receive it. And of course, that verse came to mind, the one where it talks about "it's better to give than receive."

But I wonder if that isn't a sort of Christian guilt thing that we develop? A mentality that says it's okay to feel and be unloved, as long as we are loving others?

And I think about all those other lines, that talk about the love of Jesus, and talk about being filled to overflowing, and I think that somewhere along the lines, we've tricked something out of the importance of receiving love.

Because unless you can receive it, how can you truly give it?