Friday, May 08, 2009

Not What I'd Planned...

A number of months ago I wrote a post titled "Did I shave my legs for this?"

I talked in it about the moments when you're totally prepared for something, and then something else completely is what ends up happening.

I had a "did I shave my legs for this" sort of evening tonight.

I didn't actually shave my legs, but I did shower, get dressed up, wear high heels, style my hair, pick out great jewelry, and even put on makeup (I don't even usually wear makeup to work so you know it was a big deal!)

I was planning to attend an AIDS awareness fundraiser put on by MCC Alberta. I was a bit apprehensive about going solo, but was quite looking forward to hearing the two people who were scheduled to speak.

I made it to about a block from the event, when with a rattle and a clunk of sorts, George decided that movement was just not in his plans for the rest of the night.

So, I called my dad.

He, fortunately, was home, and came to rescue me. After ascertaining that what was wrong was what he'd anticipated from what I'd described over the phone, I called AMA to send a tow truck, and we settled in to wait.

Time with my dad can be hard at times. We are in many ways very similar, but I've struggled a lot with our relationship over the years. It has seemed in the last few months as if Jesus was perhaps bringing healing in our relationship in really unexpected ways. Tonight was part of that I think.

We had a great conversation while we waited for the tow truck to arrive. We basically just caught up on what's been going on in my life. How my job change has been going. An ongoing crazy situation related to my job change. And we talked a bit of faith and theology, because of the event I'd been planning to attend when George gave out, and because of some intense conversations I've had with various people this week.

I had fun.

It was totally not how I planned or thought I'd spend the evening, but it was good. Jesus was gracious in how I spent the evening.

The evening did, however, end with the news that George requires at the very least a new water pump and a serpentine pulley (what is it with me and things that are somehow related to snakes???). So, I'll be spending money on him again, and likely taking the bus to work on Monday.

Ah well. Dad dropped me at home, and I'm curled up in bed, snacking on crackers and hummus, blackberries, smoked gouda, and chocolate. And sipping a mug of lemon mango fruit infusion loose tea. I'm relaxed and warm, and have plans to enjoy a day at home tomorrow, since I'm without a vehicle.

And, I can say that God was gracious, and George waited to die until I was on a quiet street instead of the major roads I'd been traveling on only moments earlier.

So, it was a "did I shave my legs for this?" evening, but it was great in so many ways as well, and I'm thankful for it.