Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Not Ready for Wednesday

"It's Wednesday."

That was my first thought on waking this morning.

Those of you who show up here regularly know that Wednesday's can be a bit wild in my life. There doesn't seem to be a rhyme or reason for it. Some people have Monday's, I have Wednesday's.

I never actually have expected "gross" things on my schedule on Wednesday, they just seem to happen. And, to be fair, sometimes Wednesdays are actually okay. But the norm lately has been the sort of days where I wrestle through to the end.

"I'm not up to a Wednesday." was my second thought on waking this morning, as I rolled over to check emails and begin the day.

Monday and Tuesday were unusually full and intense this week, leaving me with much to process and the desperate need to spend time curled up with the journal I so carefully decorated on the weekend, and write for quite a while.

I was catching up with my roommate this morning as I drove her to the train, and listed just some of the conversations and things that have come up in the last two days. Because she knows me well, she understood quickly how challenging many of those things would have been.

Today promises to be full and busy as well. At work, and otherwise.

My roommate and I will get home later than usual tonight as we're going grocery shopping right after work.

I'm promising myself mindless TV time tonight. It's Wednesday, and that means I can laugh at the catty ridiculousness of America's Next Top Model. Assuming that I don't decide that time with a journal is more important.