Thursday, May 14, 2009


I'm trying to decide what to say.

A few minutes ago I was chatting with my roommate J., and the words were tumbling over themselves in their rush to make an appearance.

But just at this moment I'm not certain how to phrase them.

It's been a busy few evenings.

Dinner last night with a dear friend who I only manage to connect with every few months. Such a blessing to laugh and cook together. To eat and talk and share life. There aren't many friends like that left in my life, and even fewer left here in the city, so time with her is always special.

And then tonight I reconnected with M. She's just returned from 8 months overseas. That connection was a bit weird. But it was fun in many ways to do some errands together and chat about the more mundane stuff of life.

And with those things said, I think I'm going to leave it here for tonight. I need to pray and journal and read for a bit before sleeping, and I need to try to be turning my lights out within the next hour or so.

Tomorrow is Friday! And then a long weekend. I'm ready for the break!