Sunday, May 03, 2009

Heading out...

L. and I are headed out this morning to do errands.

And to enjoy the fact that the weather has finally warmed up a bit by driving to a nearby town with a well-known ice cream shop.

Never mind that ice-cream almost invariably is the worst thing for my lactose intolerant stomach.

About once a year, I want ice-cream. And when I do finally get that craving for that sweet stuff that tends to give me a rather severe stomach ache later on, I want the good stuff. None of this $3 a gallon cheap grocery store stuff. I want rich, creamy, exotic flavors.

So today, we're going to do that.

We're also going to do things like visiting the bottle depot, and returning a dvd we rented. But those things are somewhat less exciting than exotic ice cream flavors.