Sunday, May 03, 2009

Before He Speaks

My friend LP/CA had posted this video on her blog today, and it made me laugh. Hard.

Because can I just say that as a pastor's kid, I've been the sermon illustration more times than I can say. Though I will admit that dad was usually generous in what he said, and typically, if he wanted to share something embarrassing or personal, he asked our permission first.

My favorite preachers to listen to are the ones who rarely use their families as illustrations. Rob Bell is a good example of this.

Most of you will already know that I have a love/mostly hate relationship with having been a pastor's kid. If I stop and talk for very long about the "fish bowl" existence, I have a rather dear friend who will get cranky with me! But let me just say that it was a less than ideal way for someone who's natural tendency is to be a people pleaser, and to care deeply about the expectations of others to grow up.

And with that, I think you should enjoy the video. And possibly link through to Youtube and watch the one by the same group called "Mama's Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up to be Pastors."


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you enjoyed it! :-) I have to admit you were one of a few I figured would get a laugh out of it. My parents are sending it to all of their other pastor friends - or the wives - ha ha.

Still chuckling over the story in my comments about that message!

How was the ice cream today? The best I've had - anywhere - is in Poland. I thought you should file that away for future notice ;-)

Lisa said...

I did enjoy it!

and yes, that particular story was one of the more awkward ones... I was so thankful to discover the next time he preached on a similar topic that I was teaching a Sunday school class to some high school students during the sermon time, and had a free pass to avoid the stares! :)

the ice cream was fabulous, and didn't bring quite as bad a resulting stomach ache as anticipated. I had the "raspberry cheesecake" flavor in a chocolate dipped waffle cone.

and yes, I will definitely be filing that info about Poland for future reference... I was talking with a friend recently about possibly visiting there - wanna join us??

Anonymous said...

I know it's been on your "to visit" list, which is why I had to mention it :-)

I've been looking at plane tickets, when are we going? ;-)

Lisa said...

as soon as I can make it possible to travel again... though I might start slowly with a trip on the same continent or something :)

sounds like your own travel bug may be growing strong again??? :)