Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Grey Monday (on Tuesday)

Thanks to the long weekend, this is the first day of the work week. A grey Monday.

It's cold and drizzling. Further north in the province they're having snow. I'm wearing a turtle-neck sweater in the office today, and I wore a toque and gloves for the trek via bus and train from home to the office.

I'm waiting to hear from my mechanic with news on the cost to get George back in running order. Again.

I'd forgotten how loud the train is. In the moments after I unplugged my own headphones, wishing simply for the silence to sit and pray, I was overwhelmed by the sound of someone else's music, with an obnoxious bass line, played way too loud. In that moment I missed George deeply.

I spent a long time journaling last night. Just sitting and writing with a pen. It was kind of therapeutic.

Actually, I think what I journalled will eventually be shared. But I need to run it by a couple of people first.

I'm ignoring a stiff neck and headache that came courtesy of a restless sleep. I'll take painkillers shortly and hope they help.

I'm going to spend the day making phone calls, tracking down people, arranging travel and hotels and these sorts of things.

But hey, it's a short week. And I'm having coffee with T.'s girlfriend tonight.

And the rest of the week? well, I'll sort out the things that need to be done once I've sorted out the situation with George.