Sunday, May 10, 2009

End of Day

The day is drawing to a close.

I was hoping to go to bed early tonight. But I took a nap late this afternoon that will likely preclude that.

I'm not feeling very well today. Physically anyway. Just kind of icky and lethargic.

And I have to be out the door really early tomorrow. Since George is still in the shop, it will necessitate taking the bus and then the train to work. I have not missed taking the bus and train, can I just say that? Not even a little bit. Ah well, hopefully I'll hear from my mechanic and have George back by the end of the day tomorrow.

I've done such fascinating things today as searching online to discover when our garbage collection day is. We're never home when the garbage collectors come by, and so we had no idea, but Calgary is putting in a recycling service, and it begins in my neighborhood this week, so I needed to know when garbage day is, so I know what day I have to put the big blue bin out in the back alley for pick up.

I really hadn't realized how housebound I must have been feeling before I got a car. My energy levels have been so low that doing errands by bus takes everything out of me. The short walk I made yesterday to a fair trade shop and home again left me exhausted and in need of a nap. It's no wonder I felt trapped so often before owning a car. I've struggled with that just this weekend, knowing I couldn't do some errands I'd hoped to get done, and knowing I'd have to push them to an evening during the week. And just feeling trapped, unable to go out and pick up a cup of tea or rent a movie, or browse a bookstore for a little escape from the mundane.

Here's hoping that George is repaired soon. Very soon.