Saturday, May 16, 2009

Broken Down

I'm going to spend the long weekend mostly housebound again.

I went for the drive I'd planned. About an hour out of the city I started having trouble with George again. I phoned my dad for advice, and he told me to keep driving. I made it most of the way back to their house before George died entirely.

The AMA tow truck driver was the same one who towed me last weekend. Can I just say that I won't be crushed if we don't make this a weekly event?

My dad came to get me.

My mom fed me dinner.

My brother drove me home.

After a week of intense dreams about family, it was funny to be so reliant on them tonight.

I made it two thirds of the way through the audio book I was trying to get through as I drove. I would have made it all the way if George hadn't decided to give me trouble again.

The mechanic won't be open until Tuesday. My dad thinks it may be something more serious this time. More serious as in, possibly not worth it to repair my rather old car. He also told me not to worry, or borrow trouble.

I'm so not good at that last part.

My brain is running a mile a minute, trying to think up contingencies. I'm also trying to figure out little ways to get out of my house over the next two days of the long weekend.

I was feeling pretty discouraged by the time I got home. Financial things are one of the quickest ways to stress me out.

So, I decided to take control.

I grabbed my laptop, and headed for the bathtub.

M*A*S*H* was the order of the day. M*A*S*H* and a few smile list items, including:
  • being thankful I went for a walk in the park last night
  • remembering that I quite enjoyed two thirds of my drive today
  • coconut body butter
  • a family that loves me and has rescued me from car trouble twice in as many weeks
  • being thankful that the car didn't break down until I was back into the city
  • M*A*S*H*
  • a warm bath
  • a favorite blanket to wrap myself in while sitting on the couch
I'll definitely be okay if I don't keep having these sorts of adventures every weekend.