Thursday, May 28, 2009

Book Fiend

I have this weakness for buying books.

After I drove my parents to the airport tonight, I made a quick stop at a local bookstore, to purchase what was supposed to be one book, that I'd called ahead and put on hold.

I walked out of the store with seven books. And one more on order, that will likely arrive tomorrow, necessitating a return trip this weekend.

What makes this funny is that for the last six months, for the first time since I learned to read, I've had absolutely no interest in reading. And especially in reading books. Short articles, newspapers, magazines, blogs - all of these have held my interest, but very little book reading has actually been done (as the sidebar on the blog demonstrates!)

But, this last week or so, I've felt the stirring of interest in reading again. I've been making my way through a biography that's both very enjoyable and deeply challenging.

And, I'm excited to dive into several of the titles I purchased tonight.

So, perhaps this will be a weekend for reading. For finding a spot in the sun in the living room, or curling up in the grass in "my" park with a book.

Reading. And maybe journaling. Because, for me, they tend to go hand in hand. And I'd like to get back to journaling as well.