Sunday, April 05, 2009

Sunday Again

It's been a nice quiet morning.

I managed to sleep fairly well last night.

And I stayed in bed late this morning.

I followed that up with a long leisurely bath, and some time pampering myself.

And now, now I'm going to do some cleaning, followed closely by a trip to pick up some Chinese food. Oh, and bubble bath. I'm out of bubble bath.

Then, I think, most likely an afternoon that will either involve reading, watching a movie, or napping. Or perhaps some combination of all three. Maybe pricing some plane tickets.

I'm determined to make the most of my weekend. Especially considering that I only get one day off this week.

(And, I'm thankful for a short week at work because of the Easter holidays. A short week, followed by a short week, as my company is also closed for Easter Monday. Friday-Monday off. It's going to be beautiful.)