Thursday, April 23, 2009

In the same vein...

In the same vein as the quote I just posted from Henri Nouwen, is this reminder from Clare of Assisi, which, amusingly enough, appeared in a calendar that was also a gift from the friend I visited over the weekend. Each day with a quote from a different female saint. I put the calendar on my desk at work, and was flipping through to find today's date, when Clare's name caught my eye. I have a particular affinity for Clare of Assisi, for a wide variety of reasons, and I wear a saint medallion with her image on it around my neck most days, as a reminder of some deep and hope-filled things.

This quote appeared on the calendar a few days back, and touched strongly on the theme of joy that I'd discussed at some length with my friend over the weekend, both making me chuckle at the timing, and groan as the truth of the words added to the challenges spoken by my friend to my heart:

"Melancholy is the poison of devotion. When one is in tribulation, it is necessary to be more happy and more joyful because one is nearer to God." (Clare of Assisi)


Anonymous said...

Hey friend,

Glad you've had good reminders and a good visit! I'll email you back after I decompress after today.

I'm sure I'll blog about it (probably once I finish it tomorrow) but I've been listening to an audiobook called the Geography of Bliss. My dear friend S (for Sheri - but adopting your use of initials since it coincided!) mentioned it Sunday when we were visiting and so I downloaded it thinking maybe it'd been good listening this week. Very interesting...this guy goes all over the world (so far it's been Netherlands, Switzerland, Bhutan, Qatar, and Iceland...with an hour and a half left or so I'm sure they'll be another two or so places) to see different aspects of what makes some of the people in those places happy and/or why we may mistakenly think certain things would bring happiness. He's largely (though not entirely) missing the spiritual element, but it's still a very interesting book - and with a love of travel and cultures, one you'd probably find some interesting nuggets in, as well.

Your post today made me think of it!

Thanks for praying, especially today - more when I can think more clearly!

Hugs, friend!

Lisa said...

hmm... will have to look for the book or audio version... sounds interesting.

and yes, most definitely praying. for peace and rest and joy. take the time to decompress well my friend!

hugs back!