Friday, April 17, 2009

Counting Down, Heading Out...

Right after work tonight I'm getting on an airplane and flying across the country to spend the weekend with one of my favorite people anywhere on this planet.

I'm incredibly excited to collect a hug. So excited that I was counting down sleeps!

So, about 8 hours of work, then several hours of flying, then a hug. A nice long one I hope. A lots more over the weekend.

At the moment I have my usual case of pre-travel stomach upset. I greeted the morning in a less than chipper way, but thankfully, wasn't feeling well yesterday, and didn't eat much then either. It'll settle down.

In the meantime, I have a pile of work to get through today. Training to do for someone else, and some tasks on my own "to do" list that must be accomplished by 4:00 when my dad is coming to pick me up from work and drop me off at the airport.

I've scheduled a few posts to go up the next few days. Hopefully that works. Other than that, I'll be back sometime Tuesday, as I likely won't take time to post while I'm away.