Saturday, April 18, 2009


A few weeks ago, on March 30th, I got an email from John Fischer's "Catch of the Day". He retold the story of the demoniac who is delivered, and the herd of pigs that perished when Jesus sent the demons into the pigs. He commented on the part of the story that has always struck me the most deeply - that the townspeople, instead of being amazed by the miracle, were terrified and asked Jesus to leave. All that to say that the last two paragraphs of his reflection struck me deeply, and I wanted to share them with you:
Although at first it sounds odd that they would want Jesus to go away after healing someone, I don't have to think very far past my own dysfunctions to understand this. The demon-possessed guy belongs in the graveyard, screaming, breaking his chains, and terrorizing the neighborhood. And the pigs belong on the hillside gently grazing. This is definitely a codependent town, comfortable with its accepted blend of sickness and tranquility. Until Jesus comes and messes everything up. He can make us well, you know, but it's going to mean lots of changes. You and I have to decide if we want that. So what will it be: the challenge of change, or send Jesus away? (John Fischer, "Codependent Town, March 30, 2009; Catch of the Day)